About Paper Awards

We invite your company to nominate the “RDCONF R&D and Innovation Scientific Paper Awards 2021” that will be given within the scope of the congress to encourage and reward the R&D and innovation studies of our industrialists engaged in design, production and software.

Gain the chance to bring the opportunities listed below to your institution by making your application;

* Increase company reputation.
* Recognition of your employees / team in your industry
* Gaining competitive advantage
* Appreciation by company headquarters
* Gaining a marketing advantage
* PR facility

Paper Award Categories

“The Best R&D Project Paper” Awards (top 5)

“The Best Design Project Paper” Awards (top 5)

“Most Innovative Project Paper” Awards (top 5)

“Most Innovative Science-Based Project Paper” Awards (top 5)

“Best Software R&D Project Paper” Awards (top 5)

“Best Sector Project Paper” Awards (top 5)

Application Steps

1) Each company can apply with as many paper as they want.

2) Paper should be prepared according to conference paper template.

3) The application fee is paid for each paper.

4) Each paper is sent via CMT: https://cmt3.research.microsoft.com/RDCONF2021

5) For each paper, a separate registration form is filled:  https://rdconf.com/kayit/ 

6) Presentation is made online on the project presentation date.

* If you encounter any problems for consultation or for more information you can send an e-mail to info@rdconf.com or call +90 553 538 70 34.

Evaluation Criteria

1) Genuine Value – 20%

To what extent does the project proposal reveal deficiencies and/or problem(s) in existing science/technology; offers original and creative/innovative suggestions for eliminating these deficiencies or solving problems and/or making methodological/conceptual/theoretical original contributions to the relevant science/technology field(s)?

2 )  Method – 15%

To what extent are the method(s) and research techniques to be applied in the project clearly and accurately explained with reference to the relevant literature, and how suitable are they to achieve the foreseen goals and objectives?

3 )  Innovative Aspect – 20%

In line with the needs of our country, the project proposal has the quality of developing a new national / international product / process / method / model that will reduce our technological external dependence and / or increase its competitiveness?

4 ) National Achievements and Widespread Impact – 20%

What is the potential of the outputs and results envisaged to be obtained in the project to solve social problems, commercialize, reduce the country’s dependence on foreign countries and/or increase its competitiveness?

If the project is carried out successfully, qualified academic publication, patent / registration, utility model, license, new company establishment, researcher training, new project production, being able to be used in different science / technology fields, etc. What is the potential for achieving outputs and results such as?

5) Employment and Career Development Potential – 15%

What is the potential of the project subject to contribute to the career development of the executive and to gain new talents? What is the level of its contribution to employment?

6 ) State of Scientific Cooperation – 10%

Scientific cooperation developed with this project; To what extent will it contribute to the project team, the relevant academic environment and our country?

Important Dates and Fee Information

Firms, R&D and Design Centers Application DeadlineNovember 15, 2021
Registration Deadline For ListenersNovember 25, 2021
Fee for each Paper500 TL (Before October 15, 2021)
650 TL (After October 15, 2021)
Attendance Fee as a Listener300 TL (Before October 15, 2021)
350 TL (After October 15, 2021)