The Conference Covers Topics in the Following Fields of Science.

•Architecture, Design & Planning (Architecture, Interior Architecture, Industrial Design, Landscape Architecture,Urban Planning- City and Regional Planning)
•Natural Sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Genetics)

Articles to be Submitted within the Scope of  International Indexed Journal “The European Journal of Research and Development”

The Journal covers subjects in all branches of Engineering, Natural Sciences, Architecture, Design & Planning.

Apart from these branches, it also covers the following topics from other disciplines.

Advanced Human-Machine Interface
Artificial Intelligence
Automation and Control Technologies
Autonomous Systems
Automotive Engineering
Antennas and propagation
Architecture, management and process for data science
Agricultural Engineering
Analog and Digital Electronics
Aerospace Engineering
Big Data Processing
Big Data Issues and Applications
Biomedical Signal Processing
Biomedical Technologies
Biomedical electronics
Biomedical Engineering
Building Technologies
Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Defense
Chemical Engineering
Criminal and Forensic Science
Circuits and systems
Control systems
Cognitive Systems
Computer Science
Communication systems
Current Issues and Challenges in Innovation
Cloud computing and service data analysis
Civil Engineering
Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
Data (voice/image/data) Processing and Recognition
Design Thinking
Digital systems
Data warehouses, cloud architectures
Data-driven Scientific Research
Digital Communication and online communities
Decision Analysis and Methods
Economics Of Technology And Innovation
Electrical & Electronics Technologies
Electromagnetics, microwave
Energy Systems and Energy Management
Energy sources and power markets
Electric power systems
Electrical Electronics Engineering
Electrical machines and drives
Electrical materials
E-Business and E-Commerce
Engineering Economy and Cost Analysis
Engineering Education and Training
Environmental Engineering
Environmental Chemistry and Toxicology
Energy Systems Engineering
Food Technologies
Food Engineering
Fuel Cell and Water Splitter
Geographic Information System
Green Energy and Green Technology
Grid and Cloud Computing
Geophysical Engineering
Geomatics Engineering
Geology Engineering
High voltage techniques
Human-computer interaction
Healthcare Systems and Management
Human Factors
High performance computing for data analytics
Industry 4.0
Information Security
Innovations in Engineering
Intellectual Property Rights
Intelligent Communications and Networks
IA and information systems
ICT integration in education
Information and knowledge management
Information hiding and watermarking
Information technologies
Image Processing and Reconstruction
Internet and web applications
Information Systems and Software Engineering
Intelligent Systems
Internet of Things
Industrial Design Engineering
Knowledge Engineering
Large scale optimization
Laser and Photonic
Lean Manufacturing Technologies
Marine Engineering
Manufacturing Systems
Machine Learning Technologies
Material Technologies and Secondary Process
Mechanic, Mechatronics and Robotics Systems
Mechanical Engineering
Mechatronic Engineering
Mining Engineering
Mathematical Issues in Data Science
Mobile computing
Multimedia communications
Nanotechnology and Material Sciences
Nano and Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems
New Product Design
Nuclear Science and Techniques
Nanodevices, nanotechnology, and MEMS
Natural language processing
Network architectures and protocols
Neural network and fuzzy logic
Network Virtualization
Operations Research
Production Planning and Control
Project Management
Power electronics and applications
Polymer Science
Recycling Technologies
Renewable Energy
Robotics and automation systems
Radio communication systems
Reliability and Maintenance Engineering
RFID systems
Quality Engineering
Quality Control and Managemen
Quantum Computing
Safety, Security and Risk Management
Service Innovation and Management
Supply Chain Management
Systems Modeling and Simulation
Science and Ethic
Scientific Research and Innovative Technology
Self-management systems.
Sensors and instrumentation
Signal processing
Survey papers on wireless communication
Software Defined Networking (SDN).
Signal and Image Processing
Simulation Technologies
Smart Home
Smart Grid
Smart city
Smart water
Smart environment
Smart electrical grid with Big Data
Software & Hardware Technologies
Soft Computing and Intelligent Systems
Social Media
Space Application
Systems Analysis and Design
Terahertz Spectroscopy and Applications
Technology and Knowledge Management
Technology as a teaching strategy and learning style
Textile Engineering
Weapon and Ammunition Systems
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
Virtual Reality
Video Processing and Reconstruction
Web technologies
Water resource Engineering